Warm-up compendium for trombone

- daily drills & ideas, by Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

A library of exercises

Warming up is an inevitable part of all brass players daily life and most teachers stress the importance of thinking warming up rather as daily routines than a necessary ceremony before your daily work. That means that you should build up a “mental library” of exercises that you know works for you – exercises that you are working with and trying to get into your “library”.

For trombone players of all ages and skills

This compendium is a compilation of warm-up exercises I have created over the years. Some are made for very young players (only 10-15 minutes) and some for academy students and professionals.

The compendium includes ideas for individual and group warm-up as well as warming up basics focusing on flexibility, articulation, scales, range building and sound.


  • Scales and arpeggios – should be incorporated into the daily routines.
  • Mouthpiece buzzing – playing the mouthpiece is a great bridge between singing and the instrument (works great in the car BTW…………….).
  • Articulation – a great tester of your air flow –especially multiple tonguing.
  • Breath control –the ability to play from the softest ppp to a very loud and prominent fff is essential; remember this exercise in our daily drills. Don’t get bored.
  • Fun with glissandos – glissandos are one of the easiest things to do on a trombone – a brilliant bridge between slurring between partials.
  • Range extension – another way of warming up focusing on the range of the trombone. Play form your lowest to your highest note, lip slurs going through the valve register always.

Se Niels-Ole Bo Johansens poster om projektet der blev præsenteret ved DJMs FoKu-seminar 24. april 2020