Solos for drums

I dette FoKu-projekt har Jesper Bo Knudsen udviklet en række soloer for trommesæt. Læs her og ser Jespers poster neden for.

Ved lektor Jesper Bo Knudsen


As the limited amount of solos for drum set in rhythmic genres are scattered in various percussion publications, classical snare drum etudes or recorded drum solos are often used as educational material and at tests and examinations at the academies of music.“Solos for drums” is intended to meet the demand for a compilation of solos for drum set in musical styles such as Jazz, Pop and Rock.


The material is a compilation of solos for rhythmic drum set at intermediate and advanced levels for educational use and for use in tests and at examinations in the rhythmic drum set educational programs at the academies of music.The solos are organized in different styles with relation to odd times, polyrhythms and to relevant coordination patterns.