Electronic music

- listening, analysis, dialogue

v. adjunkt Jakob Thorkild Overgaard

Electronic Music – listening, analysis, dialogue (book)

The focus of the book is on listening and, broadly speaking, our articulation of what we listen to. This applies both to music enthusiasts in a general sense and to those with a musical background. Concerning the scholarly listener, the book engages with analysis, analytical listening, and particularly the role that dialogue and teaching based on dialogue can play in analytical listening.

The genre basis of the book lies within electronic music. Many electronic styles can be challenging to analyze because the music and the sound material it consists of exist on different terms than many other kinds of music. Parameters such as harmony, meter, theme, form, etc., may not necessarily be useful focal points when analyzing examples of electronic music in the book. And in some cases, there is no defined language to express oneself about the music.
Therefore, the book points to the dialogue between listeners as a possible way for multiple listeners to participate in analysis, where various sonic experiences contribute and, at the same time, contribute to a collective articulation and language.
 Electronic Music – listening, analysis, dialogue will be an e-book. The e-book is primarily intended for music professionals interested in the field, including conservatory students, instructors in higher music education, as well as high schools (højskoler), elementary schools, music schools, etc.
Electronic Music – listening, analysis, dialogue is a FOKU-project, continuing the lineage of projects such as Combining ResourcesDara, and Question of Matter.
The original text was written in Danish and translated to English with assistance from openai.com.