Question of Matter

3 short videos + music

by assistant professor Jakob Thorkild Overgaard

Can knowledge of and experience with the analogue prehistory of digital sound technology expand sonorous and musical imagination and thereby add increased musical action possibilities and/or experience possibilities? 

Question of Matter includes 3 video works of 5-7 minutes duration. The videos aims to treat the dialectic connection between music and technology with the focus on digital sound processing that is based on analogue technological predecessors.

Question of Matter presents original music, text material, performance and graphic expressions.

The rationale for this project is multifaceted: Digital technology offers opportunities for the creation of music, e.g. via AI, which does not initially require any traditional musical skills or knowledge. This artistic development project tries via open integration of a technological idea story combined with sound, performance and explanation that is distinctly tactile and human organic, to process the field between these two extremes.

The extremes should be understood as the digital extreme, which is music generated via AI, to the organic extreme, which is music produced by the human voice.

Relevance: The relationship between art and technology has been discussed for many years. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (1818) represents an early and famous example of this Pt. an ongoing discussion about AI-generated visual art versus the tactile and traditional human-made (se link). As technologies develop, it seems likely that this discussion will increase. This project seeks to make an artistic contribution to the discussion.

At Education for Electronic Sound and Music (ELM), this discussion is relevant and present on a daily basis.

Music and lyrics will play a significant role in the videos. Music and lyrics are composed, written and produced by the applicant. For example, when combining improvisation on an acoustic instrument with digital stochastic effects – i.e. ‘effects that contain the possibility of an almost random outcome’.

That the development of art has been closely linked to scientific development and vice versa is a basic assumption and the project seeks to repeat and update this basic assumption and basically visualize this in a current context.

Question of Matter is part of my current work and my other focus projects, all of which are about the formation of experience and the influence of experience on perception and the formation of meaning.

See Jakob’s poster from RAMA Research seminar 2023 (click on picture below to enlarge)