- a web-based, interactive performance

By assistant professor Christian Windfeld


I want to develop a web-based piece that actively involves the listener by giving him or her the opportunity, in real time, to put together his or her own audio and video mix of a pre-recorded performance.
This new piece is based on my composition “Lykkebækken”, an audio visual piece for Chinese Spouting Bowl, which premiered as an acoustic live performance at the SPOR New Music Festival in 2019.

On a website, the visitor will encounter a user-friendly interface, where you can switch between different camera and microphone positions and in this way explore the piece in the unique privacy of personal computing through your own personalized mix.

This artistic research project sets free central elements of traditional music publishing by encouraging the listeners to explore and interact with the piece rather than force them to lean back and passively receive a predefined take on perfection.
A step towards democratization of the publishing format.

It is central to this research to reflect on how this loss of, or sharing of, control affects the creative process and the final composition.

Experience ‘Lykkebækken’ here:

See Christian’s poster from RAMA research seminar. 2023