Admission requirements

In the following PDF files, it is possible to find information about admission requirements for the different study programmes as well as the nature of the entry exam.

Admission requirements

Please note: The admission requirements apply for admission 2020. The admission requirements for 2022 will be published in the autumn.

Admission requirements Bachelor
Admission requirements Master 
Admission requirements NOMAZZ (TBA)
Admission requirements Soloist 

Repertoire list for classical soloist
The repertoire list (for classical soloist) must be uploaded to the application form.

Examples of Entry Exams

Examples of entry exams in ear training and classical theory:

Pop/jazz – bachelor – general musical skills – Aarhus
Examples of entry exams in playing by ear, ensemble playing and music:

Pop/jazz – bachelor – general musical skills – Aalborg
Examples of entry exams in accompaniment, improvisation and imitation:

  • General musical skills – accompaniment, improvisation and imitation (sound file)

Video introducing entry exam test in general music skills:


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