To be accepted, students must take an entrance exam that is described in entry requirements.

Application fee

Please note: When applying for programmes at The Royal Academy of Music, you will be charged an application fee (DKK 500) which covers the costs of the auditions. The fee is non-refundable unless the application is cancelled before the application deadline.

The application is not valid until your payment of the fee has been registrered.


You must apply online via here.  (Please note: For non-EU/EEA-applicants and for soloists applicants the system will open for applications from 2 December 2022.)
Open for application for the study year 23/24 from mid-October. is the application system for all education institutes under the Ministry of Culture.
Please note: We strongly recommend that you begin the application process in good time in case of technical issues or needed support. The completed and submitted application must be found in the system by the deadline.

Mid-December, bachelor and master applicants for the classical and jazz/pop departments will receive information on the dates for entrance exams.
Mid-December, applicants for the electronic department (DIEM) and songwriting will receive information on the admission procedure.

Application deadlines

  • Deadline for bachelor and master: 1 December 2022 at noon
  • Deadline for new bachelor (pop/jazz) in Holstebro: 16 January 2023 at noon
  • Deadline for soloist: 1 March 2023 at noon
  • Deadline for NOMAZZ: 1 March 2023 at noon
  • Deadline ordinary educations for non-EU/EEA-applicants: 1 March 2023 at noon.

Please note: If this is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday the deadline is the first coming day at noon.

Entry exams

The entry exams will mainly take place during January and February 2023.

Classical applicants

If you are resident in Denmark (regardless of nationality), the audition will take place at the academy. Test in piano and ear training/music
theory will be tested in the same way as for applicants living outside Denmark: Piano with video upload, ear training as an oral test via Zoom and music theory as an online test in Moodle.

All classical applicants not residing in Denmark must read this document containing detailed information on changes regarding the entrance exams.

Entry exams are scheduled
Electronic Sound and Music, Aalborg: 4th, 5th og 6th of  January 2023
Bachelor and master pop/jazz, Aalborg: 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of January 2023
Bachelor pop/jazz, Aalborg, 2. round: Week no 6 2023
Bachelor pop/jazz (1. round), Aarhus: Week nos 1, 2 and 3 2023
Bachelor pop/jazz, Aarhus, 2. round: Week no 6 2023
Bachelor pop/jazz, Holstebro (new bachelor!): Week no 6 2023
Master pop/jazz, Aarhus: Week no 3 2023
Bachelor and Master General Music Teacher Aarhus: Week no 3 2023
Bachelor and master classical music, Aarhus: January 2023
Bachelor and master, classical composition, Aarhus: January 2023
Bachelor and master, songwriting, Aarhus:  January 2023
Bachelor and master, Electronic Composition DIEM, Aarhus: January 2023

Soloist, classical programmes: TBA
Soloist, pop/jazz programmes (Aarhus): TBA

You may expect the final answer to your application for admission for either undergraduate or graduate studies around March/ April and Soloist in May/June.


Please contact a study coordinator if you have questions regarding application or entry exams.

Pop/jazz/electronic music/choir leading – Anne Vilsen

Pop/jazz – Jolle Jette Jensen
NOMAZZ/D-RMB – Christian Therkelsen Agerbæk
AM – Christian Therkelsen Agerbæk
Classical – Sara Adel Præstholm
E-music/songwriting – Britta Sandell Casper

Information Meetings

Information meetings regarding the ordinary study programs are held in the fall. For more information, click here.

Coordinated Entry Examinations

Entry exams for a range of undergraduate programs at Danish music academies are coordinated. This means that you are able to apply for studies simultaneously in several music academies in a prioritised order.

Academy credit agreements

Tuition fees

Tuition fees will be charged from students from non-EU/EEA countries. Read more.

Complaint procedures

A complaint in connection with the audition must be submitted to the academy no later than two weeks after the announcement of the result. Please contact Christian Therkelsen Agerbæk for further information.


All applicants are expected to be able to follow tuition and communicate in Danish and/or English. Applicants from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are expected to be able to follow tuition in Danish unless otherwise agreed upon. We encourage all of our foreign students to learn Danish during their stay.

Further education

Information can be found here.