Ensemble Teaching Practice

Ensemble Teaching Practice is a direction subject under the Jazz/Pop programme in Aalborg. It is also a supplementary main subject under the RM programme, and is part of the AM programme.

You will learn to initiate and direct jazz/pop ensemble playing courses with pupils of various ages and skill levels. You will also learn to act as a “band doctor”, providing consultancy services to existing bands.


During tuition, you will assume responsibility for an ensemble playing class and help your fellow students fill their designated roles. You will also teach practice classes, with expert guidance from the Academy’s ensemble playing teachers.

The pedagogical aspect of the Ensemble Teaching Practice subject invites you to reflect on your own work as a musician: What are creative processes, how do we communicate them, and how do we use them? You will become conscious of processes that you were previously not aware of.

The discipline also entails an academic approach to being creative that “forces” you to verbalise your own creativity.

You can select Ensemble Teaching Practice on the following programmes:

  • Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg): A flexible programme focusing on your main instrument and one elective direction subject
  • Jazz/Pop (RM) (Aarhus): On the RM programme, Ensemble Teaching Practice is available as a supplementary main subject
  • General Music Teacher (AM) (Aarhus): A programme focusing on your main instrument and teaching skills in connection with elementary music education, choir conducting, and ensemble teaching practice.