Children’s Music Practice

The Children's Music Practice subject has a very practical focus and qualifies you to teach at e.g. music schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, and churches. You can also teach school teachers, pedagogues, and other persons working with children's music. The career opportunities are very good.

Conducting subject

Children’s Music Practice is a standalone conducting subject under the Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg) and consists of tuition and a good deal of training. The subject may only be studied at Master (MMus) level.


Subject tuition focuses on teaching practice but you also acquire elementary knowledge of pedagogical, didactic, and psychological theories and methods.

As a student, you will have access to well-equipped classrooms and a large hall that is the optimal venue for e.g. children’s concerts.

Children’s Music Practice is available with the following programme:

  • Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg): On the programme, Children’s Music Practice may be selected as a supplementary main subject on the MMus degree.