The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg is an international leader in electronic music education and is the only institution in Denmark to offer several programmes in the field.

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The programmes are on a par with those offered in the other two Academy main areas, and we expect a lot from our e-music students.

In terms of genre, electronic music may draw on classical as well as jazz/pop/global traditions, providing virtually endless possibilities for creating music.

At the same time, this affinity contributes to stronger ties with the other two main areas at the Academy.


The primary target audience of our programmes is students who want to work professionally with the composition and production of electronic music. We focus on developing creative artists.

You can choose from the following programmes:


DIEM (the Danish Institute of Electronic Music) is the centre for electronic music at the Academy. The purpose of DIEM is to support production, education, research, and performance related to electronic music in Denmark.

DIEM has existed since 1986 and has been a pioneer in electronic music ever since. The institute became part of the Academy in Aarhus in 2003, after which the first Academy electronic music programmes were set up.

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