Songwriting is a standalone Bachelor (BMus) and Master (MMus) programme.

As a Songwriting student, you will become part of a vibrant and diverse study environment where you will participate in cross-disciplinary projects at the Academy and elsewhere in addition to main subject tuition and other elementary subjects.

You will work closely with your fellow students, including students from other subjects and main areas, expanding your network and getting fresh inspiration.

Songwriting is part of the Jazz/pop main area but has its own curricula for the BMus and MMus programmes. In addition to the main subject and supporting subjects, you will receive tuition in general subjects, pedagogical subjects, and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Tuition is based on your creative ideas. You will develop your compositional talent, and you will work with storytelling, linguistic identity, text analysis, lyrics writing in Danish and English, co-writing, arrangement, instrumentation, and production and sound. Part of the tuition takes the form of preparation for and evaluation of your songwriting at concert cafés and workshops.

BMus graduates typically continue on a related MMus programme, or write for their own projects or for other artists, publishers, films, stage productions, and so forth.

The MMus programme combines individual projects with so-called laboratories featuring discussion, criticism, and exchange of experiences between students and teachers. During an internship, you will be training or working with an organisation within the arts, business, or music.


Songwriting curricula (BMus/MMus) are available under the curricula for Electronic, Composition and Songwriting.