Bass players are in high demand at the Academy! You will quickly become part of our vibrant and diverse study and playing environment through lots of ensemble playing projects featuring internal and external performers who constantly push you with new challenges.

You will work closely with your fellow students, expanding your network and getting fresh inspiration. In addition to main subject tuition and other elementary subjects, you will participate in cross-disciplinary projects at the Academy and elsewhere.

During Bass tuition, you immerse yourself in your instrument, exploring the expressive possibilities of the bass. You are at great liberty to explore the music, and to choose from traditional or more experimental forms of expression.

  • Bass is available as a main subject with the following programmes:
  • Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg): A flexible programme focusing on your main instrument and one elective direction subject
  • Jazz/Pop (RM) (Aarhus): A programme focusing on your individual development as a musician, artist, and communicator
  • Jazz, Pop, Drum and Dance (RMB) (Aarhus): A Jazz/Pop musician/vocalist and teacher programme with a special focus on dancing and movement
  • General Music Teacher (AM) (Aarhus): A programme focusing on your main instrument and teaching skills in connection with elementary music education, choir conducting, and ensemble playing