Diploma/Professional Master

As the only Danish academy, the Royal Academy of Music offers four further educational courses, each giving a comprehensive education. The courses are offered in accordance with the Executive Order on Diploma and Professional Master courses under the Ministry of Culture.

60 ECTS, part-time study
The courses are all subject to payment.

Four strong offers

Two Diploma courses and two Professional Master programmes are offered. Read more about each course via the left hand menu.

The four courses are meant as a contribution to match different parts of the needs of the music world:

  • For the school and pedagogy area: Diploma Course in Jazz/Pop Drum and Dance
  • For the school and pedagogy area: Professional Master Course in Innovative choir leading
  • For organ players, etc.: Diploma and Professional Master Course in Church Music

Admission requirements

For all courses, a minimum of two years of relevant working experience is required.


Apply online at studieoptag.dk (the system will open for applications in Autumn 2023, a link will be provided).

Application deadlines

Applying for admission in 2024:


  • Professional Master in Innovative Choir Leading:
    Open for application October 2023
    Application deadline: 1 March 2024


  • Diploma and Master Course in Church Music:
    Open for application October 2023
    Application deadline: 1 December 2024
  • Diploma Course in Jazz/Pop Dance and Drum:
    Open for application December 2023
    Application deadline: 22 May 2024


Price for tuition and examination (self-payment) as of August 2018:

A total Diploma course will cost DKK 47,940 / 6.400 Euro in self-payment, excluding teaching materials.

A total Prof. Master course will cost DKK 53,800 / 7.300 Euro, excluding teaching materials. Special rules for unemployed and rehabilitees.

General information about payment for tuition

The payment covers one course of tuition and up to three exam attempts. Payment will be per semester. Tuition fee must be prepaid before the beginning of the programme / semester, i.e. 3o June and 31 December.  Payment is a prerequisite for the student to begin at the programme/semester. The Academy reserves the right to change the price.

Expenses not included in the self-payment

Individual parts of the programme may be held as projects not included by the self-payment, e.g. in connection with study trips and such. Expenses for tuition materials are not included in the self-payment. Depending in the type of programme, extra expenses of approximately DKK 2-3,000 may be expected . Furthermore, expenses for accommodation and transport in connection with possible traineeship may be expected.

Refund of payment

Refund of payment may take place in connection with written notification of withdrawal for the course. The notification must be submitted no later than 15th of September/15th of February.

Reservation for start-up of programme

The programme is offered on the assumption of a sufficient number of students.