Singing, Dancing, Playing (SDS)

Singing, Dancing and Playing is a main subject on the Jazz/pop Drum and Danc Bachelor (BMus) programme (RMB). It is also an elective subject on the RM Master (MMus) programme and at soloist level.

You will acquire elementary musical and technical skills within singing, dancing and playing; you will learn to create and improvise movement for music, and music for movement; and you will develop a bodily understanding of the interconnections between music and movement.

You will also acquire a sense of the social and communicative aspects of the discipline: stimulating, strengthening, and facilitating communal singing, dancing and playing in a creative and non-elitist manner.

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In Singing, Dancing and Playing, we work extensively with African music and dance cultures. We study and practice drumming, dancing, singing and so on, particularly, but not exclusively, from Africa.

Singing, Dancing and Playing works to achieve communication and synergy between musicians and dancers; towards giving dancers a deeper understanding of music; and towards giving musicians a deeper understanding of dance. Jazz, pop and global music was originally closely connected with bodily movement; in other words, dancing.

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