The Academy's jazz/pop programmes are very diverse, and we celebrate and use this diversity.

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Styles come and go, but key musical and human elements endure!

Contemporary music

We mostly work with contemporary music. As a consequence, knowledge of our historical roots and performance traditions will be a natural part of many contexts and subjects, but always as a precondition for giving you the ability to communicate your future musical ideas in the best possible way, and maybe in ways we cannot know yet.

Jazz/Pop music can be a solo performance where a “me” is the central concept. In most cases, however, the important thing is the ability to establish an “us” at concerts, during classes, and in many other contexts.

You must therefore practice your ability to cooperate and communicate with a wide range of people: music business colleagues, audiences, students, and parents. Some of these will have in-depth professional knowledge while others are interested and willing but have no special skills or knowledge.

The Academy offers jazz/pop music programmes in Aarhus, Aalborg and Holstebro.

Meet Carl and Mathis just two weeks after they started at RAMA in Aarhus (video in Danish):

And meet another Carl telling about being a student at RAMA in Aalborg (video in Danish):

Project weeks and concerts

As a jazz/pop student at the Academy, you will participate in various projects playing live. Examples include tours of boarding schools or folk high schools, performing at the Aarhus or Aalborg Festival, playing at concert cafés, and much, much more.

Here you have a video from the project “Live Sessions” where the students were instructed in live performance in front of a camera:


The Academy is regularly visited by major international artists who conduct clinics for and with students. Among our previous visitors are Bulgarian singer Gergana Dimitrova, Greek-American singer and multi-instrumentalist Magda Giannikou, trumpeter Adam Rapa (US), Brazilian-American pianist Jovino Santos Neto, composer James Darcy Argue (CA), sax players Pierre Bertrand (FR), Jerry Bergonzi (US), Chris Speed (US), and Torben Snekkestad (NO), pianist Pablo Held (DE), guitarist and producer Daniel Lanois (CA), bassist Thomas Morgan (US), pianist Lars Jansson (SE), and many others.


Depending on your programme, you may choose from one or more of the following main subjects.

Instrument/vocal studies subjects

(You may also choose other instrument subjects than the ones listed.)

Conducting/pedagogical subjects