Elementary Music Education (EM)

The Elementary Music Education (EM) subject develops your teaching skills in relation to class tuition with children and adolescents.

You will receive tuition on education concepts and methods, and you will receive guidance on reflecting on your own approach and practice.

The objective is to provide you with a wide selection of teaching tools, giving you the professional knowledge required for tasks such as planning teaching courses, selecting repertoire, arranging and composing music, and communicating musical concepts in a way that is relevant to the target audience.


The subject has a strongly practical focus, in that you must complete a training course with classes of your own within a subject area chosen by you in consultation with your teacher. Subject areas may include children’s choir, baby rhythmics, or music and movement.


Elementary Music Education is a mandatory part of the General Music Teacher (AM) Bachelor (BMus) programme. On this programme, the subject is divided into EM for children and EM for adults.

At Master (MMus) level, EM is available as a supplementary main subject for the following programmes: