Electronic Sound and Music

Electronic Sound and Music is a 3-year Bachelor (BMus) programme at the Academy's Aalborg campus where you will be working with the production and performance of electronic music and sound. The programme gives you the professional qualifications necessary for contemporary professional electronic musicians and producers.

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During the programme, you will focus on compositional methods and take an analytical approach to investigating contemporary and older electronic music, art, and culture.

You will be working with e.g. music production, studio technology, hardware, programming, electronics, live performance, installations, synthesis, and sound design. You will also be working with electronic sound, contributing to productions that span several art forms.

In addition, you will be doing practical work with teaching training.

It is the objective of the Academy that all students gain a relevant understanding of music history and culture which enables them to break new ground and be innovative on the contemporary art scene.

As an electronic music student in Aalborg, you can look forward to musical collaboration with the jazz/pop/global music students on the POP/Jazz programme.


Tuition takes place in large, elegant rooms with professional-grade studio monitors, monitor controls, sound cards, and sound-absorbing materials. The rooms also contain drum pads, drum machines, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, and MIDI keyboards.

One of the rooms has 4 studio monitors, allowing a 4-channel set-up.

You also have access to two e-music rehearsal rooms with a monitor set-up, mixer, sound card, and piano. The rehearsal rooms give you great opportunities for working with production and composition around the clock.

Read more about programme content in the Electronic Sound and Music curriculum under the curricula for Electronic, Composition and Songwriting.

Bachelor degree (3 years)

The bachelor degree (BMus Electronic Sound and Music) gives you the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to become an electronic music composer, producer, and teacher. The BMus programme is concluded with a bachelor project.

The subjects are divided into four areas:

  • Main study area: Subjects where you perform, as well as subjects that support this
  • Pedagogics: Subjects where you communicate and teach, as well as subjects that support this
  • General studies: Elementary music theory subjects
  • Entrepreneurial Studies: Subjects and projects that give you experience as an entrepreneur and similar

See the Electronic Sound and Music curriculum in the general overview of all the curricula for Electronic, Composition and Songwriting.