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Sofus Forsberg

Teacher, Electronic Composition, Live Performance, Programming, Acoustics/Signalprocessing

Sofus Forsberg is a composer, sound artist and live performer living in Djursland.

He is a lecturer on the program for electronic sound and music, ELM at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg. Teaching: Composition, Acoustics and Signal Processing, Programming, Live Performance and Project Hardware.

His music moves in a field between drone, ambient, minimalism and techno in one unified expression. He works with synthesis and produces the sounds he uses electronically, primarily on a modular synthesizer on which he creates deep hypnotic universes. His artistic work is to create music primarily based on humans, around spiritual, social, political, psychological and existential themes.

Sofus has performed since the end of the 90s at Berghain Kantine, OHM Berlin, :// about blank, Boom festival, Modem festival, Ozora festival, RADAR, Aarhus Festuge, Strøm Festival, Freqs of Nature Festival, Boilerroom and many, many more.