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Vibeke Falden

Teacher, Electronic Composition

Vibeke Falden is 47 years old and lives in Aalborg.

She is Artist, producer and electronic musician
Cand musicae in songwriting, music technology and music pedagogy.
Teaches live performance, pedagogic practice and other subjects.

As an artist, singer/producer and performing artist lives a curiosity and a huge passion for the nerdy. I love discovering new facets of electronic music. For me, the profession is a fascinating country into which I always find new ways.

Right now I’m busy promoting my electronic pop project, “Perfekt Mor”. In my cultural entrepreneurship, I have co-created the local music production network for women, non-binary and gender minorities, MODlyd. I am the artistic director and producer of the North Atlantic music collective, GFD Collective.

As a teacher at DJM Aalborg at Electronic Sound adn Music (ELM), I focus on getting to know the individual student. After that, in collaboration with the student, I plan courses that are based on the fulfillment of the study plan, with a watchful eye for the student’s individual needs and point of view.

The goal for me is to be a facilitator for the student’s musical, technical and personal development and to ensure a safe and trusting learning space.


Photo: Malene Porup