Innovative Choir Directing (MA)

The 2-year graduate programme develops your personal and professional competencies as an innovative jazz/pop choir director at an international level.

120 ECTS – full-time study

The program is associated with the RAMA Vocal Center at campus Aalborg.


How do you make vocal music sound just ‘right’ when it comes to styles such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, world, improvisation, and vocal painting? Many choirs and a cappella groups face this challenge in rehearsal and performances featuring these musical styles.

The studies provide the answers to meet this challenge, where choir directors from all over the world attend as students to be educated by a renowned team of world-class teachers, ensuring the highest pedagogical and artistic level of all.


International touch

In some cases, students will be able to participate in the weekly classes online. This option adds to the modern and international quality of the program.


The teacher team has references to Bobby McFerrin, The Real Group, Touché, and Vocal Line, assisted by top guest teachers on e.g. beatboxing by RoxorLoops and concert design by Astrid Vang-Pedersen.

Tuition includes the minor subjects ear training, theory of improvisation, rhythm and coordination, vocal studies, piano, voice theory, arranging, entrepreneurship, pedagogy, ensemble singing, RAMA Voices (as a singer), and an elective flex subject.


For all students, 8 boot camps per academic year are mandatory to join in person on Campus Aalborg (Monday to Friday). That will be 3 boot camps in the fall semester and 5 in the spring semester. These are supplemented by weekly classes, which in some cases can be joined via video conference. See dates for boot camps here.

In addition, live coaching sessions via video conferencing in music mode, 4 times per academic year per student, where students bring their teacher and fellow students to watch and supervise a choir rehearsal live, no matter where in the world you live.


Find a detailed description here.

The admission test is designed to provide a complete picture of the applicant’s musical background and teaching skills. Part of the teaching takes place via video conferencing, where students and teachers meet from different countries, which is why the admission test can naturally be conducted via video conferencing. This is optional.

The admission test consists of 2 different parts:

1) Choir leading (30 minutes). The applicant works with a mid/upper-level vocal ensemble consisting of a minimum of 12 singers and a minimum of 4 voice parts. It is optional if you want to show up in person on Campus Aalborg with your own vocal ensemble or conduct the admission test via a video recording.

2) Interview, voice- and piano test (30 minutes). In connection with the interview, a test in piano and singing will be conducted.

Important dates

  • The application deadline for registration for the admission test in January is on December 1, 2022. Apply online here.
  • Information meeting for applicants who have signed up takes place via video conferencing on TBA, from 14-15h. Here we give advice and guidance and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.
  • No later than TBA, the applicants submit their thoughts concerning the planning and content of the admission test (description of the choir and chosen repertoire) to the study administration. A copy of the material (scores, lyrics, etc.) to be used for the admission test must be submitted as a pdf.
  • If you conduct the admission test via video conferencing, the set assignment will be assigned on TBA. Then you have a week to record a total video of 30 minutes, including all admission test requirements regarding choir leading (not the voice- and piano test). The deadline for submitting the video is TBA.
  • If you conduct the entrance exam on Campus Aalborg, the set assignment will be available on TBA (one week in advance). You must bring your own vocal ensemble for the admission test that will take place on TBA.
  • The interview, voice- and piano test take place on TBA. It is optional to show up on Campus Aalborg or via video conferencing.


Questions regarding the admission test and signing up can be answered by study coordinator Anne Vilsen on [email protected] / tel. (+45) 40 21 08 89

Questions regarding the pedagogical and artistic content of the study can be answered by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe at [email protected]

Questions regarding the studies in general in Aalborg can be answered by the head of studies Esben Elvstrøm on [email protected] / tel. (+45) 61 68 69 74

Visit the RAMA Vocal Center.