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Kenneth Dahl Knudsen

Adjunkt, Bas, entreprenørskab, sammenspil

I have a huge interest in music of all kinds, and one of my core values is finding the balance between challenging and honoring traditions.

As a teacher im constantly trying to help the students come closer to reality that the musicians life holds.

I take part in developing a scene in Aalborg for Jazz and improvised music, and I want the students to be involved in that.

I have played all around the globe – in Japan, Thailand, Israel, Marokko, Lebanon, Marokko, Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, The Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Brasil.

As a bandleader, I have developed Kemaca Kinetic, The ATLAS Ensemble, The Uummat Ensemble, Space Big Band, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra, Pachamama and The Tété band.

As a sideman, I’ve been a long-term part of in the Gauthier Toux Trio and the World Citizen Band. Since my career began, I have played and worked with Aaron Parks, John Scofield, Gilad Hekselman, Lingling Yu, Mayank Bedekar, Johnathan Blake, Dick Oatts, Joel Frahm, Gauthier Toux, Francois Lindemann, Jaleel Shaw and many more.

I have composed works for:
The Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, The Orchestra in Copenhagen, The Flensburg ensemble, JJazz ensemble in Vilnius, , Fukuda-Gumi in Tokyo, Brilliant Corners in Tokyo, the GetJazz Bigband in Tokyo and for my own large ensembles.


  • “Zukunft” – 2023
  • “ATLAS” – 2022
  • “Liberty #1” – 2022
  • “SPACE BIG BAND” – 2021
  • “UUMMAT” – 2020
  • “TÉTÉ” – 2018
  • “WE’LL MEET IN THE RAIN” – 2016
  • “CLOCKSTOPPER” – 2012
  • “NO HOAX” – 2011

Awards & recognition

  • 2023, Nominee: Best Jazz Album Danish Grammy’s for “Liberty #1”
  • 2023, Work grant by The Danish Arts council
  • 2022, Nominee: New name of the Year Danish Grammy for “Space Big Band”
  • 2022, Work grant by The Danish Arts council
  • 2022, Nominee: Best jazz/funk Album at Latvia Grammy for “Space Big Band”
  • 2021, Nominee: Best jazz album Danish Grammy’s for “Uummat”
  • 2019, Northern Jutlant Culture Prize, Denmark
  • 2017, Jazz a Vienne Prize 1st place Vienne, France (Gauthier Toux 3)
  • 2016, Work grant by DJBFA Denmark
  • 2016 La Defènse jazz prize 1st place, Paris, France (Gauthier Toux 3)
  • 2014 Orleans jazz prize 1st place Orleans, France (Gauthier Toux 3)
  • 2013 In Vivo Prize Berlin, Germany
  • 2011 DPA Finalist danske populær autører, Denmark
  • 2011 Jazzclash prize  Sæby, Denmark
  • 2010 Jazz musician of the year, DMF Nordjylland, Denmark
  • 2007 : Talent of the year award, MGK Nord Denmark

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