Rhythm and Coordination Teaching Practice (SSB)

Rhythm and Coordination Teaching Practice is a Bachelor (BMus) level direction subject under the Jazz/Pop programme in Aalborg

The primary objective of the subject is pedagogical. You will become able to lead rhythm and coordination courses for various age groups and at various levels. You will also acquire elementary knowledge of pedagogical, didactic, and psychological theories and methods.

We will study African music and culture which is a major source of inspiration for rhythm and coordination work, but we also transform it to fit the local context and make it meaningful and usable in Scandinavian culture.

Tuition is class-based.

The discipline builds on the fundamental value of musical socialising and the corresponding bodily expressions; in other words, the value of basically enjoying rhythm and coordination with others. This togetherness transcends age, cultural background, interests, and skill levels. It is not the end result that counts, but rather togetherness, group energy, and the positive social aspects.

Rhythm and Coordination is available as a conducting subject on the following programme:

  • Jazz/Pop (Aalborg). A flexible programme focusing on your main instrument and one elective conducting subject.