RAMA Vocal Center

The field of Jazz/Pop Choir Directing holds a prominent position since the establishment of RAMA Vocal Center in 2006 at the Royal Academy of Music (RAMA). The center is playing a significant role in advancing the pedagogical and artistic development of this genre, and you will learn directly from the creators of The Intelligent Choir philosophy & Vocal Painting, the Singers’ Practice Toolbox, the Conductors’ Toolbox, and the Arranging & Composing Toolbox.

The teaching team at RAMA Vocal Center at The Royal Academy of Music has been at the forefront of the development of jazz/pop choral directing as a specialized field since 2006. Through the extensive and groundbreaking work of the teachers, they have contributed to the understanding of the various practices within the diversity of the rhythmic genres. This has led to a growth in the knowledge base and expertise in this field, shaping the future of jazz/pop choral music worldwide.

The teaching team at RAMA Vocal Center consists of experienced and visionary pioneers, each of whom is an expert in their respective areas. Through their experience, expertise, and innovative teaching methods, they are recognized and valued both at the conservatory and in the broader international choral community.

RAMA Vocal Center’s reputation for pedagogy and artistic development at a high international level attracts students and professionals from around the world who are interested in following the advancements in jazz/pop choral directing. The curriculum focuses on providing students with solid skills in vocal technique, ensemble singing, repertoire selection, arrangement, composition, improvisation, and conducting techniques specific to jazz/pop choral music. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and gain practical experience through performances and workshops.

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Artistic and pedagogical development work at RAMA Vocal Center

Malene Rigtrup: See the artistic and pedagogical development work regarding strategies for creating new original idiomatic choral works.
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Jesper Holm: See the educational development work regarding rehearsal techniques and conducting techniques for pop/jazz choral music.
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Jim Daus Hjernøe: See the artistic and pedagogical development work on vocal painting and strategies for making instant music.
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In this short music documentary by Carl Eneroth, you will get behind the scenes of Vocal Painting (VOPA), an innovative sign language for improvisational choir singing, as it is taught and performed at The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark.

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