The Intelligent Choir (TIC)

TIC is a complete methodology developed by Jim Daus Hjernøe, Professor at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg. TIC refers to his musical philosophy of training choir conductors to allow and inspire choristers to share responsibility for the artistic process.

The basic principle of the methodology is to empower singers to produce the desired music most efficiently. TIC is the opposite of a “non-reflecting choir” which relies on the conductor providing information about the music to be sung. The objective is to create a vocal ensemble capable of influencing the musical process without exaggerated management by the conductor.

It can be exhilarating to find yourself in a musical situation where you are being encouraged to improvise, discovering the joy of creating music. This form of music was developed by Jim Daus Hjernøe as an alternative, but also a supplement, to pre-composed music. The TIC methodology can be used with any choir in any genre and at any level.

The methodology consists of three pedagogical areas:

  1. Development of your skills within five musical focus areas (intonation & pitch, rhythm & groove, sound & blend, interpretation & expression, and performance & concert design).
  2. Implement Vocal Painting (VOPA).
  3. Expand the singer’s comfort zone within improvisation (liberation of voice, body, and soul).

To create synergies between all three areas, the conductor will teach each singer to be an important and independent musical individual and a chorister to contribute with musical reflection in the choir through Kucheza, team building exercises, and basic skill training focusing on the artistic elements mentioned above.

Jim Daus Hjernøe, Professor