Professional Master in Innovative Choir Leading

The professional master course is for music teachers and others with a passed music education containing choir conducting at a bachelor level or equivalent qualifications with at least two years relevant professional experience with choir conducting.

60 ECTS – part-time study within two years

The programme is associated with the RAMA Vocal Center, an internationally recognized centre of Innovative Choir Directing headed by Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe.


How do you make vocal music sound just ‘right’ in styles such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, world, improvisation, and vocal painting? Many choirs and a cappella groups face this challenge in rehearsal and performances featuring these musical styles.

The Innovative Choir Directing studies answer this challenge, where choir directors worldwide attend as students to be educated by a renowned team of world-class teachers, ensuring the highest pedagogical and artistic level.


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The teacher team references Bobby McFerrin, The Real Group, Touché, and Vocal Line, assisted by top guest teachers in beatboxing and concert design.

Furthermore, these curricula offer classes in methodology, masterclasses, big choir, voice, voice theory, piano, ear training/theory, move & groove, pedagogy, and guest lectures like fx. beatboxing and concert design.


The part-time study programme consists of four semesters and corresponds to one full study year of 60 ECTS.

The programme will take place on three-day boot camps (IRL) on campus three times per semester and online video conferencing every Monday morning.

Dates for boot camps

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Admission requirements

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The admission test is designed to provide a complete picture of the applicant’s musical background and teaching skills. Part of the teaching takes place via video conferencing, where students and teachers meet from different countries, so the admission test is naturally conducted via video conferencing.

The admission test consists of two parts.

Part one: Choir leading (30 minutes). The applicant works with their own mid/upper-level vocal ensemble consisting of 12 singers or more and a minimum of 4 voice parts. This is conducted via video recording.

Part two: Interview, voice- and piano test (30 minutes). In connection with the interview, a test in piano and singing will be conducted. It is optional to show up in person on campus or via video conferencing.


Questions will be answered by Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe on [email protected]

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