Professional Master in Innovative Choir Leading

RAMA Vocal Center at The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg is one of the Academy's strongest assets and is recognized internationally as a leading European center of innovation, education, postgraduate studies, and digital learning within rhythmic choir conducting.

60 ECTS – part-time study

“How do you make vocal music sound just ‘right’ when it comes to styles such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, world, improvisation, and vocal painting? Many choirs and a cappella groups face this challenge in rehearsal as well as in performances featuring these musical styles.”

Innovative Choir Leading studies at RAMA Vocal Center provides the answers to meet this challenge, where choir directors from all over the World attend as students to be educated by a renowned team of world-class teachers, ensuring the highest pedagogical and artistic level of all:

  • The Intelligent Choir philosophy & Vocal Painting by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe
  • Singers’ Tools by honorary professor Peder Karlsson
  • Conductors’ Toolbox by assistant professor Jesper Holm
  • Arranging & Interpretation Tools by assistant professor Malene Rigtrup
  • Furthermore, these classes are offered: Methodology, masterclasses, big choir, voice by Sus Steensig, voice theory by Signe Højmark, piano by Jens Nørholm, ear training/theory by Martin Granum, move & groove by Lene Nørgaard, pedagogy by Øyvind Lyngseth, beatboxing by RoxorLoops and concert design by Astrid Vang-Pedersen.

About the programme

The professional master course is for music teachers and others with a passed music education containing choir conducting at a bachelor level or equivalent qualifications with at least two years relevant professional experience with choir conducting.

The main focus of the programme is upgrading the pedagogical and artistic activities within rhythmic choir conducting at an advanced international level. The programme is based on profession and sees study competences as significant for the professional competences.


The programme is a part-time study programme consisting of four semesters and corresponds to one study year of 60 ECTS. The programme will take place at RAMA Vocal Center Campus Aalborg and via online video conferencing.

In practice, this means that as a student you have three intensive teaching courses per semester for two years at boot camps in Aalborg, which runs from Thursday-Saturday (find dates at the bottom of the page). In between, you will meet in study groups via online video conferencing to get supervision and feedback from your teachers and fellow students, based on video recordings of rehearsals with your choir.


General information

Application deadline, tuition fee, etc.: Click here

Admission requirements

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  1. The electronic application with relevant diplomas must be filled in before the application deadline 14 April 2020 (no videos yet, this is only signing up for audition).
  2. Subsequently (TBA), there is an online meeting where you will receive further information to clarify the audition process.
  3. Later you will receive a set assignment that must be submitted  by a video recording of a rehearsal.
  4. The interview including voice and piano test will take place in May via online video conferencing.

All information will be provided via e-mail by Anne Vilsen

Dates for Boot Camps

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Head of RAMA Vocal Center : Jim Daus Hjernøe

RAMA Vocal Center