The main aim of the entry audition is to disclose the applicant’s ability to produce expressions of organ music movements, i.e. to express rhythm with the body as the foundation for song, clapping/oral sounds and playing on an instrument (s).

Applications online.

Audition Structure

  1. Play/sing a musical piece of choice on the principal istrument/song. The emphasis is on the student’s personal expression and improvisation. You are welcome to bring your own band or accompanist. There is a full collection of instruments available in the rehearsal room and access to the room 40 minutes before the test, where a sound test may be made.
  2. A song of choice for own accompaniment on an accord instrument. You must accompany your own song with an accord instrument (accordion, piano, guitar or similar).
  3. Imitation on principal instrument/song – melodies/rhythms are played on the piano. Short melodic and rhythmic pieces that must be imitated on your principal instrument. On drums/percussion the rhythmics and “melody” in rhythms must be imitated. It is all about reproducing “the musical picture” as well as possible.
  4. Movement/dance to “loudspeaker music”, where focus is on personal expression and improvisation. Music is played on PA sound system. Duration – max. 2 minutes.
  5. Imitation of the demonstrated song, clapping and movement pattern, where focus is on the coordination and continuity.

Entry audition is concluded with an interview of approx. 5 minute duration.

In the assessment the focus is on the applicant’s abilities and skills within the respective fields: aural, movement, voice, instrument and coordination. It is not a pre-condition to be able to read notation.

The audition is a joined examination and is marked according to the 7-scale system.