Prof. Master Audition: The audition should give the broadest possible impression of the applicant's musical background and pedagogical skills. The audition will take place online for you to save time and resources.


Video documentation of the applicant’s work with a vocal ensemble, consisting of a minimum of 12 singers and four voice parts, and an online interview including a demonstration of singing and playing the piano.

The video recording

a) Detail work (e.g. phrasing, dynamic, sound, groove) of an already rehearsed piece of music with the choir. Show how you improve the music further.

b) The set assignment for rehearsing a new piece from scratch will be provided one week in advance of the upload deadline. The choristers must not have been practising the music in advance nor get the sheet music until you meet for the audition.

The audition must be recorded on video with good sound and pictures from two cameras:

  1. One angle captures the whole choir.
  2. One angle captures the conductor from the side in full figure.

Approximately two weeks before the deadline, the applicant submits their thoughts concerning the planning and content of the admission test with a description of the choir and chosen repertoire. A copy of the material (scores, lyrics, etc.) to be used for the admission test must be submitted as a pdf

The total duration of the exam video is 30 minutes.

The student administration office sets the date and format/platform for upload.

Internal marking. Grade.

The online interview includes a demonstration of singing and playing the piano (on Zoom)

  1. A self-chosen jazz/pop/rock song to own accompaniment on piano
  2. A self-chosen jazz/pop/rock piece played on the piano (no singing)
  3. Secunda Vista sight-reading piano chords and voice parts (45 minutes preparation)

A piano and a computer with a good mic and camera option must be available. The “Original Sound” on Zoom must be turned ON.

Duration: 45 minutes

Internal marking. Pass/fail.