Diploma Course in Jazz/Pop Drum and Dance (D-RMB)

D-RMB is intended for teachers, pedagogues and others having a 3-4 year long university education, higher education or other corresponding qualifications supplemented with at least a 2-year professional experience.

60 ECTS, part-time study

The study course is based on the principal studies such as singing, movement, play (also known as SDS) and interplay with others in line with different supporting subjects such as piano, rotation, dancing lessons, group singing and student’s principal instrument. The study course develops the student’s skills, musicality and pedagogical skills.

About the Study Course

The study course focuses mainly on the development of pedagogical skills within rhythmic music and movement. The study programme is based on professional growth and considers educational competence to be essential for professional skills. The studies are in the form of individual work and group work.

The principal study area focuses on both musical skills and practical pedagogical skills, i.e. to help to express oneself in different, inspiring, precise, recognizable and understandable ways in rhythmic, vocal and musical unity.

Study Course Structure

The study programme is a part-time study course divided over 4 terms corresponding to one study year of 60 ECTS. The study course is built up in 5 modules according to subjects, where the first module spreads across the first 3 terms. Module 1-3 takes place during the 1st year and module 4-5 – during the 2nd year of study course.

  • Module 1: Pedagogical and scientific theoretical module (First three terms)
  • Module 2: Personal skills in interplay with others (Autumn)
  • Module 3: Composition and pedagogical arrangement (Spring)
  • Module 4: Personal skills and pedagogical practice (Autumn)
  • Module 5: Upgrading of the acquired skills with the final project Spring)

For more details, see study plan.

Information meeting

The meeting will take place online on 27 January 2022 (5-6 PM).
Link to the meeting: https://deic.zoom.us/j/4078850660

Open House

4 February 2022 – please sign up by contacting study coordinator Christian Therkelsen Agerbæk.


Submit applications online

Application Deadline: 1 March 2022

Entry Auditions

The auditions will take place on 27 March 2022.

Read more here.

Tuition Fees

The total cost for the study course is DKK 47 600 according to Danish legislation on higher education. The Academy reserves the right to change the study fees on a regular basis.

Study Plan

Studies take place on Fridays as well as during some weekends.

Exemption Rights

If you have completed an academic theory course (9 ECTS) at UC or CVU, you are able to apply for exemption. With exemption the study fee is reduced with DKK 6 700.

Academic Staff

SDS: Lena Gregersen and Annli Falk
Ensemble conducting: Kristian Lassen and Karsten Aaholm
Piano and group singing: Helle Agergaard
Rotation: Kristian Lassen
Pedagogy and theory of science: Peter Brem

Other instructors in principal instrument.