Research and Development

At The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA) Research and Development (R&D) is conducted by the teachers and organized and carried out in accordance with RAMA’s Research Strategy.

RAMA’s research committee puts out annual calls for internal research grants and evaluates applications and project descriptions with the purpose of guiding the management’s final funding decisions. Furthermore, RAMA’s research committee is responsible for the dissemination and sharing of knowledge from R&D, organization of research courses and the development of applications for external grants in close collaboration with the teachers.

Chairman for RAMA’s research committee is Professor Peter Vuust. Associate professor Bjørn Petersen is a member of the committee also and coordinates R&D activities.

In the menu you can find out more about Research and Development at RAMA, supplied with examples. RAMA’s development activities cover both artistic and educational fields.

To get the full view of all Research and Development projects visit the Danish RAMA website / Forskning og Udvikling (Research and Development).

Read RAMA’s Research Strategy (in Danish)