International artists

The Academy has initiated collaboration with a number of international artists at top level by appointments as honorary professors.

This cooperation strengthens and inspires teaching at the Academy, and it strengthens the Academy’s international contacts and visibility.

Research partners

The Academy has a wide range of research and development projects. Quite a few of them in collaboration with external partners.

Read more about the partnerships around the Academy’s research and artistic development here (at the Danish RAMA website).

International projects and activities

The Academy is involved in a wide range of international projects, acticvites and cooperation, e.g. AEC, Erasmus+, the GLOMUS network, the Genus project, capacity building projects etc.

Read more about the international projects in the menu.

Other collaborators

The Academy has a wide range of cooporation on many different levels, for example with music schools, professional orchestras and ensembles, other cultural institutions etc.

Please contact the Academy at [email protected] for details.