Student projects

On this page you can experience selected projects - podcasts, videos, CDs, posters, etc. - which students have produced in connection with their studies at RAMA. The projects are replaced at regular intervals.

Podcasts from visit by guest lectures

Pop/Jazz students in Aarhus had visits from more guest lecturers in February 2021. Two podcasts have come out of this. Each of them in its own way reflects the meeting with the guest lecturer.

The work I (excerpt)
A remix of a stereo recording from a morning improvisation. Everyone plays in the improvisation. This remix has been through two different people – a kind of folding drawing. The guest teacher was bassist Ida Duelund.
Listen to Værket I (excerpt) here.

Material exchange
The students have exchanged material during the proces, and they collected it all in a feature of 20 minutes, where they also tell a little about their process (in Danish). The guest lecturer was the Copenhagen guitarist and producer Simon Formann.