RAMA Festival

The RAMA Festival is the annual festival of The Royal Academy of Music. The festival is held every Spring in both Aalborg and Aarhus and is the Academy's opportunity to show the very best from the past year.

RAMA Festival 2020 will take place on 21st March in Aalborg and on 4th April in Aarhus

In connection with the opening of the festival site 2019, the students in Aarhus arranged a flash mob at Store Torv in Aarhus, where they performed Steve Reich’s Clapping Music.

Visit the RAMA Festival 2019 website.

Both the Flash mob and the website are the first visible signs that the RAMA Festival, unlike previous years, is now organized by the students who have gone to the job with great enthusiasm.

Musical business card

At the RAMA Festival the Academy demonstrates its placement in the Danish music world as artistic growth centre and centre for creativity and innovation, and at the same time we present a long line of Academy students and teachers in the role as composers, songwriters, soloists, band members, orchestra musicians and conductors/band leaders.

The purpose of the RAMA Festival is to reflect that the Academy is a modern educational and cultural institution with a number of different offers where diversity and quality are paramount. During the festival we offer for everyone, whether you like rock, jazz, classical, electronic or the newest composition music.

Internally at the Academy, the RAMA Festival creates and supports projects across the disciplines and at the same time gives the students, teachers and employees the opportunity to enjoy each other’s music and gain an insight in what goes on in the different corners of the building.

RAMA will, more so than ever and in both Aarhus and Aalborg, be a significant annual recurring music event at a high artistic level and conducted in a professional manner.

RAMA will thus be a powerful marking of the Academy’s presence in the two cities; however, it is the ambition that the festival in the long run will be experienced as a fixed part of their music profile by both the cities and the citizens. It is also the ambition to attract audience from the surrounding local communities in the same way as other music events in other cities.

The RAMA Festival is and will be the Academy’s musical business card both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.