Facilities in Aarhus

The Royal Music Academy department at the heart of Aarhus offers modern high-quality facilities. There is a wide range of double-height rooms that are used for teaching of interplay groups and choir, as well as 100 teaching and practice rooms of different sizes that are the daily work place for teachers and students. Furthermore, there is also a Chamber Music Hall that can hold an audience of about 100 persons.

All rooms are equipped with relevant collection of instruments and we have a considerable collection of instruments that may be lent out to students.

Aarhus department has also multiple special facilities such as a library, score library, record library, listening room, canteen and roof terrace.


The Chamber Music Hall

The Small Concert Hall

The “Rhythmic Hall” (Jazz/pop)

The Symphonic Hall

“Klubscenen” and Room 222

Concert Producer

360 degree visualization of Chamber Music Hall, Small Concert Hall, “Rhythmic Hall and Symphonic Hall here (bottom of the page).

Concert Hall Aarhus

The Academy works closely together with Musikhuset Aarhus (Concert Hall Aarhus) that lies in extension of the Academy’s buildings. This includes the fact that the Academy has at its disposal the Concert Hall’s Rhythmical Hall, Small Hall, Foyer and Caféscene and a number of playing days have been allotted to the new Symphony Hall. Furthermore it is Musikhuset that administrates the basement parking spaces – read more at the website of Musikhuset Aarhus.

Audio Technology Department

The audio technology department maintains all audio technical equipment and documents with the help of its 2 modern sound studios in concert with the Academy’s activities. Furthermore, the department offers help with sound/video recording in relation to participation in international competitions or in special teaching situations, master classes, etc.

Classical Sound Studio

Jazz/pop Sound Studio


A special department to the Academy is DIEM (Danish National Centre for Electronic Music). DIEM has two professional sound studios that are specially designed for artistic work and research within electronic music. Read more about DIEM’s facilities here.

Classical instrument collection

The Royal Academy of Music has an impressive collection of instruments within the classical area. You may find examples of available instruments for e.g. loan, practice, concerts, etc.