DIEM Aarhus

DIEM is the Academy’s department of electronic music. DIEM (The Danish Institute of Electronic Music) was founded in 1986 as Denmark’s national center of electronic music. In 2003 DIEM became part of the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Today DIEM is a lively dynamo of electronic music, a place where students and professional artists meet to compose, perform and exchange ideas.

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Degrees : DIEM offers degrees in electronic music on three levels: bachelor, master and postgraduate

Activities: DIEM Elektro presents free concerts with students and leading guest artists

Facilities: DIEM has three professional studios designed for electronic music production

Research: DIEM conducts artistic research in the field of electronic music

Productions: DIEM supports the production of electronic music with guest artists from near and far

History: DIEM has a long and proud history in Danish electronic music reaching back to 1986

Students: A list in pdf format with the names of students currently studying at DIEM with links to music and video