Classical Sound Studio

Assignments of the classical sound studio

Some of the classical concerts and projects are recorded so that the students may evaluate their performance afterwards. Soloist concerts, collaboration projects, operas, RAMA, and debut concerts are highly prioritized and most of them may be found for listening at the library afterwards. Furthermore, the classical teachers’ FOKU CD releases are recorded and edited. The sound studio technician may be of help with recordings in connection with application for transfer or Master class.

The sound studio is digitally connected to a number of halls and classrooms with different acoustics through a MADI based sound network. This creates unique frames for recording acoustic music – you can always find a room with the suitable acoustic. It is possible to record from more rooms with different acoustics at the same time.


The sound studio may record in up to 64 channels in 24 bit resolution. Sampling rate up to 192kHz. It is possible to do a mastering at 4 different types of speakers in acoustic regulated surroundings. You may find equipment for playing reel-to-reel, ADAT, DAT, cassette tape, and records.
The studio also has a number of studio microphones in top quality from e.g. Schoeps, DPA, AKG, and Neumann at its disposal.

The main monitor system is a Dynaudio/TC AIR25. The secondary system is a B&W 683.

Front ends

RME Micstacy (remote controlled preamp with MADI interface) 8X8 channels
Elberg MP8 (8 channels high quality preamp)
RME UFX (USB and Firewire sound card with built-in DSP functions)

Effect system

TC Powercore with all System6000 plugs

No access for students.