Symphonic Hall

The Symphonic Hall is specially designed for the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and symphonic music.

The colours of the hall are Nordic and consist of bright ash wood, grey acoustic panels, and black seats. Red was chosen for the back wall as a contrast. When the acoustic panels are adjusted, the red colour appears. The hall is about 25 meters high and has two balcony sections in addition to the side balconies that are accessed from floor level. The stage is large enough to house a full symphonic orchestra and there is room for a large choir at the elevated podium behind the stage.

The new concert organ is built into the back wall of The Symphonic Hall. The Klais organ was donated to The Concert Hall and The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra by A.P. Møller og hustru Chastine McKinney Møllers Fond til almene formaal. The organ was inaugurated in December 2010. This means that The Symphonic Hall in now endowed with a unique instrument making room for further uses of the hall which was already enriched with exceptional acoustic. The organ weighs 16.4 tons, has 3,200 organ pipes, and 47 parts.

The Symphonic Hall houses 1,184 seats plus 100 choir seats which are not sold for all events.

The Symphonic Hall is managed by The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.