Rhythmic Sound Studio

Purpose and assignments

The Rhythmic Sound studio of RAMA is a top professional recording environment aimed at being able to record larger ensembles. The assignment of the studio is to solve recording assignments for students and teachers for use in the daily tuition and for completion of FOKU, Master, and Bachelor projects. The studio is also used for tuition in sound technique. The studio is operated primarily by students. To book and use the studio, it is necessary to acquire a “driver’s license” which may be acquired through a 2x 3 hrs course offered frequently.


The studio consists of a control room of about 30 m2 and a recording room of about 60 m2 with two soundproof booths. The reverberation time are mainly short in order to achieve a “dry” sound. One booth is silenced for recording of speaks, vocals, and other recordings that require a greater intimacy. It is possible to make 64 track recordings from the concert halls through the digital cross field.


The studio is a 24 ch input based on a Mac Pro with Logic as DAW. The frontends are 3x RME Micstasy. The monitors are Dynaudio Air 25 and Yamaha NS-10 to near-field listening. It is a fully equipped monitor system with 6 sends for the recording room. The DAW can be controlled from the 32 fader Mackie Controller in the studio.

DAW: Logic, ProTools, Ableton.
Plugins: Waves, Melodyne

Outboard: 2x Universal Audio LA 610, Lexicon 480, EMT 245, Roland Space Echo, TC M-6000

Instruments: The studio has a large collection of vintage instruments at its disposal, e.g. Hammond A-100 with appurtenant pipes, Leslie 122, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Wurlitzer A-200, Fender Rhodes, Fender Superreverb, Vox AC 30, Premier 60’s drum set, as well as a particularly harmonious Steinway grand piano.

Microphones: Shure Beta 52A, 4x SM 57, AKG C 251, 3x Sennheiser 421, 2x Røde NT5, 2x Røde NT 1, and 4x Beta 58A

The studio may not be used for commercial purposes.