Honorary Professors

The title Honorary Professor is a title of honor. Formally, there are no obligations with the title, but it is usually awarded in connection with a closer collaboration with an external artist.

At the universities, Honorary Professors typically hold lectures.

In conservatory context, Honorary Professors hold masterclasses, take part in concerts etc. In addition, they have an important function as both an inspiration and a form of ambassador for the institution.

An overview of current and previus Honorary Professors at the Academy follows here (and in the menu):

Current professorships

Bodil Øland (vokal)

Brandt Attema (trompbone)

Eric Lebrun (organ)

Peder Karlsson (vocal and choir conducting)

Petra Poláčková (guitar)

Previous professorships

Here (and in the menu) you can see previous professorships:

Simon-Steen Andersen (composition)

Wayne Siegel (electronic composition)

Andreas Brantelid (cello)

Barbara Bonney (vocal)

Bobby McFerrin (vocal and choir conducting)

Irina Osipova (piano)

Marco Socias (guitar)

Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet, composition)

Reinhold Friedrich (trumpet)