Barbare Bonney

Barbare Bonney - honorary Professor 2010-2013

International recognized soprano Babara Bonney was appointed honorary professor in connection with a masterclass at RAMA in May 2010.

Babara Bonney is known and loved all over the world for her fine, lyrical sound. She has performed extensively in opera parts by, among others Mozart and Richard Strauss and at lied concerts as well as with orchestra. Bonney has 30 years of very broad experience and has joint more than 100 recordings.

Babara Bonney is professor at the Mozarteum Conservatory of Music in Salzburg and visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The agreement with Babara Bonnye about the professorship has come about via RAMA teacher Ingrid Haking Raaby. At the appointment Raaby was very much looking forward to the collaboration. She knew Bonney as a great artist with both feet firmly planted on the ground. “It will be a huge inspiration for the students to occasionally receive lessons of this capacity”, according to Ingrid Haking Raaby.