Bodil Øland

Bodil Øland’s entire professional work has been characterized by great versatility.

Bodil has sung as an opera singer in the Opera Choir at the Royal Theater and in DR’s choir. She has sung new Danish music, sung in Phantom of the Opera at Det Ny Teater, toured with school concerts throughout the country, sung as a soloist with the Danish orchestras and had a long career as a soloist at Den Jyske Opera.

Bodil always had a passion for teaching. In all the years as an active singer, she has taught at the same time, first for a number of years at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and in the years at Den Jyske Opera here at RAMA.

Bodil has trained many of Denmark’s leading singers and has given masterclasses in Austin, Texas, Rome, Tallinn and Oslo, and she regularly holds masterclasses for professional Danish singers.

In her teaching at RAMA, Bodil has been very committed to more project-oriented teaching, her teaching courses often ends with a small performance, e.g. opera improvisation, musical evening, Bernstein evening, “Dark Concert” etc.

In 2018, Bodil staged a semi-scenic production of The Magic Flute in collaboration with conductor Asbjørn Faleide Fristad, Aarhus Amateur Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Concert Choir, NOTA Choir and Aurora Choir.

In 2021, Bodil published the book Krop& Klang, based on a desire to pass on her experience after years of work as a singer, musician and educator. The book is based on classic bel canto technique and is written as an old-fashioned master’s lesson: Singing is a craft that must be learned. The book can be purchased at