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Bebiane Bøje

Docent, Sang

Tlf:          +45 72 267 471

Undervisning i / Primært arbejdsområde:

Vocal technique, Performance, Enterpretation, Songwriting, Pedagogics.

Head of workshop/clinic counsil at DJMs` pop/jazz dep.

Formelle kvalifikationer / uddannelse:

Formal education

RAMA, Aarhus (The Royal Academy of Music). Graduated singer (1994) Pop/jazz dep.

The University of Aarhus:

-“Design og ledelse af kreative processer” v Æstetik og kultur (2011,10 ECTS)

-“Projektorienteret videnskabsteori og forskningsmetodik” v Filosofi (2007, 15 ECTS)

Certified Complete Vocal Technique Teacher in 2005 (3 year course): Updates in 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015

Other qualifications:

• Laryngeal-massage course, Anne Rosing Institute, 2017

– Research-articles, RAMA course, 2011

• Quantitative research, RAMA intern course, 2009 (”Practical Workshop in Empirical Music Research” w David Huron),

• Methods for research, RAMA intern course, 2008

• Intern course for supervisors of masterthesis, 2006-07

• 4 courses in ”Primer of Compulsary Figures”, Jo Estill (certificate) 1991-95

Participant at the PJP-platform of the AEC (Association Europeenne des Conservatoires): Trieste (2014), Rotterdam (2016)

Bebiane’s life up til now has been a colorful selection of composing, arranging, performing, teaching, specializing, refining, training and working together with the most qualified musicians of the Danish gospel/jazz-scene. In the 90”s she was active on Danish national television, and had also a very high level of activity as a choir-director and singer. Mostly working with larger groups, up to 700 singers. She also succeded in having Aretha Franklins drummer, Bernard Purdie playing a gig with her band in 1999. During those years she also travelled in the States with a variety of gospel-groups. Later she did the dubbing of the muse: Thalia in Disneys´Hercules.

In 1997 she went on tour as a singer in Finn Nørbygårds show ”Mig og Elvis” with 144 live shows and 6 shows on national TV.