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Bebiane Bøje

Associate Professor, Vocal Studies

Bebiane Bøje, associate professor, pop/jazz departement of The royal Academy of Music in Aarhus (RAMA). Internationally recognized within the singing society with students and collaborators from many countries. Bebiane has extensive experience as a performing and recording artist, educator and soloist in festivals and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Multicultural creativity

Bebianes work in DJM is driven by the joy of seeing students release their artistic potential. In her pedagogic work, as well as in her creativity based artistic work, the core itself is an immedeate and deliberate approach to singing and playing with others. From the childhood in small town Qaqortoq, Southgreenland, to culture capitol Aarhus. She is passionate about educating and creating healthy, strong voices for artists to express themselves with freedom and without obstructive tension.

Through her work, in research, masterclasses, workshops and concerts, she is succesfully creating strong, free voices that are able to support artists in their creative and performative carriers.
Bebiane builds her teaching on her own research, supplemented by relevant source material, and a personally active artistic profile.


Vocal technique, Performance, Enterpretation, Songwriting, Pedagogics.
Head of workshop/clinic counsil at RAMA’s pop/jazz dep.

Albums, performances, shows and other features

  • Album ‘Skumring’, feat. Morten Ramsbøl, Uffe Steen, Wayne Siegel, 2010
  • Album ‘Forunderligt at sige’, Exlibris, 2005
  • Leader of fieldwork, defined as travel-activities with groups of students from RAMA to Rio de Janeiro, New York and Bamako, Mali
  • Bandleader and creative director on tour with her own band in DK and Iceland.
  • Greenland Tour: Workshops and shows in Nuuk and Qaqortoq (2011, -12, -13, -16 and -17)
  • Dubbing: Singing lead, backing, effects and dialogue. Dubbing the mouse Thalia in the Danish version of Disneys ‘Hercules’ (movie)
  • Dubbing: Singing lead, backing, effects and dialogue. Dubbing the mouse Thalia in the Danish version of Disneys ‘Hercules’ (52 episodes of the TV-series on national TV)
  • 144 shows on tour with comedian Finn Nørbygaards:”Mig og Elvis” in larger venues. Each show with a live audience of app 1200.
  • 6 transmissions of the show ’Mig og Elvis’ on national TV.
  • Soloist at the Danish Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 with the song: ’Til en ven’
  • Backing-singer at TV-shows on national TV (DR1 og TV2)
  • More than 500 Workshops in gospel music with choirs up until 700 singers

Masterclasses and workshops (a selection)

*   Masterclass, Bamako, Mali
*   Masterclass and show, Tours, France
*   Masterclass and show, Stavanger, Norway
*   Workshop and show, Rjukan, Norway
*   Masterclass and show, Nuuk, Greenland 2011/12/13/16/17
*   Masterclass and show, Lillehammer, Norway
*   Masterclass for choir-association, CepraVoix, Tours, France
*   Masterclass and show for choir-association, Gospel d’ajourdui, Tours, France
*   Masterclass and shows, Reykjavik, Iceland
*   Choir-workshops and shows, Eckernførde, Germany, 2009/10/14/16/19/20
*   Presentation of foku project: ‘Vocal teacher Terminology’ at conference Musik og Læring, RAMA, 2018
*   Presentation at conference, Musik og Læring, RAMA, 2019

Publications and research

‘Vocal Teacher Terminology’ An international survey and publication on the terminology used by vocal teachers in Conservatories and Universities in many countries around the world, 2013/14
The survey is undertaken in coorporation with associate professor Anders Ørsager, RMC, Cph, ENT Julian McGlashan, UK, Cathrine Sadolin, DK og Henrik Kjelin, DK

Research presented at the following conferences:

RAMA, 2014
RMC, Copenhagen, 2014
DKDM, Copenhagen, 2014
SPOT, teaching, Aarhus, 2015
RAMA, 2015

Education and studies

’Design and leadership of creativity based process’, University of Aarhus, Dep of Communication and culture, 2011
‘Project oriented research method and research methodology’, University of Aarhus, Dep. of Philosophy and History of Ideas, 2007
’Complete Vocal Technique’, certified 3-year singer and singing teachers education.  Complete Vocal Institute 2005-2008
AEC, Association Europeenne des Conservatoires, Trieste, 2014
AEC, Association Europeenne des Conservatoires, Rotterdam, 2016
’Rehabilitation of voices and emergency aid’, 1-year certified Anne Rosing Institute 2019
’Anatomi og Physiologi’, certified Anne Rosing Institute, 2019
‘Laryngeal massage’, certified Anne Rosing Institute, 2017
’Practical Workshop in Empirical Music Research’, David Huron, 2012
’Qualitative research’, RAMA course, 2012
‘Research articles’, RAMA course, 2011
’Quantitative research,’ RAMA course, 2009
’Research methods’, RAMA course, 2008
’Supervising a student for masterthesis’, RAMA course, 2006-07
’Primer of Compulsary Figures’, certified by Jo Estill 1991-1992-1993-1995
RAMA, Aarhus (Royal Academy of Music): Singer, Pop/jazz dep.