Lectures and Workshops

August 26, 19.30
Musikhuset Aarhus, Kammersalen
Lecture by professor Judith Lochhead, Stony Brook University:
The Places of America’s Music: 100 Years of Music for Strings Works by Ives, Carter, Reich, Crumb, Crawford, Zorn and Yi
Works by Ives, Carter and others.

August 28, 14.00
Musikhuset Aarhus, Kammersalen
Composer workshop by Eivind Buene:
Interpretation and staging of historical material in contemporary music
On historical material as resource for contemporary competition – and how contemporary composition can change the past. Works by Buene, Brahms and others.

August 30, 14.00
Musikhuset Aarhus, Royal Academy of Music, room 222
Composer workshop by Simon Steen-Andersen, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus:
Choreographic approaches to string writing
Works by Steen-Andersen and others.