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Jakob Alsgaard Bahr

Teaching Lecturer, Piano, accompaniment and repetition

Jakob Alsgaard Bahr has worked as a teacher and an accompanist at The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus since September 2013. Jakob teaches piano as main instrument, main subject in a vocational context, pedagogics and methods.

Jakob also has a passion for teaching young, talented pianists and enjoys leading talents to the conservatory’s entry exam.

Besides teaching Jakob has a versatile carriere as a performing artist. Jakob can be experienced as a soloist as well as in many different chamber music constellations and as an accompanist of singers. With Karen and Kirstine Pedersen Jakob forms Trio Gemini. In 2015 the trio completed ensemble studies at a post-graduate level at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, where they had studied for two years with professor Tim Frederiksen. For several years Jakob has worked as an accompanist at MGK in Sønderborg.

Jakob graduated from the soloist class at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2012, where he had been studying since 2004 with former professor Anne Øland. Through studying with Anne Øland for many years and later on working as her assistant, Jakob has gained a big knowledge of her methods when it comes to teaching piano as well as pedagogy. Jakob brings some of Anne Ølands legacy on to the next generation of pianists.