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Søren Nørbo

Associate Professor, Piano, Composition, Songwriting, Ear Training

Tlf:          +45 72 267 452

Mobil:    +45 28 262 129

Pianist and composer. 10 releases with own compositions with amongst others Joakim Milder, Django Bates, Kresten Osgood, Nils Davidsen, Niels Præstholm, Lars Skinnebach, Ulrik Spang-Hanssen.

Ear Training
Piano, main instrument
Other main instruments
Morning rehearsal
BA projects

In Ear training, besides from the basic ear training curriculum, focus is on the whole musician ship and the creative element. Especially regarding the singer-songwriter education ear training uses assignments in composition as a tool.

In piano, main instrument, the classes are planed individually and in close collaboration with each student. In addition to the focus on pianistic skills I urge the student to find his or her own way and voice and to explore possibilities. Improvisation, composition, repertoire, ensemble- and concert activities, the joy of and curiosity to music and the piano as an instrument, are present in all classes, no matter what we work on.

Other instrumentalists are welcome on request. This year two guitarists have their main instrument classes with me.

Extra-curricular subjects 2018-19:

Morning rehearsal: Each Wednesday at 7.30-9.00 I present an exercise that aims for excellent focus when rehearsing. The exercise is worked on individually or in groups. In the end of the class we evaluate todays work together. For all BA-1 students.

Composition: Each Thursday at 7.30-9.00, I present an assignment in composition. The compositions are created individually and in the end of the class we meet again and evaluate all the compositions together. For all BA-2 students.

Concert: Each Tuesday evening a student or two rehearse with me. Wednesday night we play a concert. I will bring six new or almost new compositions, that we together plan how to perform and improvisations will be built around the compositions.

Tuition/open class: Every Wednesday from 15.30-17 I am available for musical guidance or inspiration in every matter, e.g. band doctor, composition, main instrument. Please contact me in advance, if you want to meet. For all students.

The subjects “Repertoire” (Parts of a masterpiece will be internalized on instruments through transposition and analysis) and “Improvisation for classical KA students” and “Ensemble” are not active this year.

Please feel free to make contact if you want one of the subjects or other subjects to resume. Everything is usually possible!