New Music for Strings 2021

Remote Connections

We are living during a time of unprecedented disruption and isolation due to the ongoing pandemic. Existing networks of communication have been disrupted, and new ones have arisen in the virtual space.

But our networks are not just geographically scattered—the past seems more distant than only a year ago, and so our temporal and psychological connections are remote, too. The world is more polarized than ever before, with communication and mutual understanding requiring unprecedented levels of effort to bridge the gaps. This year’s theme reflects on all of these dimensions of the phenomenon, and more.


Solo – 15 August 19.30, Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset Aarhus

World premiere – 16 August 19.30, Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset Aarhus

To the End of Time – 17 August 19.30, Vor Frue Kirke, Aarhus

To the End of Time – 18 August 19.30, Koncertkirken, Nørrebro, København

Remote Connections – 19 August 16.00, Koncertkirken, Nørrebro, København

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