RAMA unifies composer programmes

At new year, the Academy recruited a new head of studies, Signe Bisgaard, who takes over responsibility for lectures and students in both classical, jazz/pop and electronic composition and song writing.

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that even though the musical expressions are different, many of the basic skills and approaches are the same. In addition, composers and songwriters of all genres are increasingly using elements from other genres. Therefore, it is obvious now to unify these programmes.

During the spring, a completely new study plan must be prepared in the area, which shall solve many of the bindings and requirements that apply in the current curricula and can give the students greater freedom to put together their own study programme, across genres.

Signe Bisgaard is a pianist, composer and orchestra leader. She made her debut as a jazz/pop composer from the Academy’s soloist class in 2013 and has since written music for a wide variety of ensembles and for animated films, computer games, interactive installations, etc.

Read more in the press release (in Danish).

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