DIEMs mix studios are located at level 1 at The Royal Academy of Music in the very center of Aarhus. We have five studios, two of them equipped as professional 5.1 surround mix studios.

Hardware og software

DIEMs studios have undergone several redesigns during our history, the latest one took place in the summer of 2000.Each studio is based upon Intel Mac’s with Logic pro running as the basic sequencer environment. The studios are fully equipped with modern professional software and hardware from Focusrite, Waves, Cycling’74, Doepfer, Apple, Eventide, Bias, TC Electronic and more.

DIEM also own several sensor systems and other untraditional interfaces for use with custom made music applications. We are mostly working in Max/MSP/Jitter.

Digital Network

It is possible to send and receive digital audio and video signals between DIEMs mix studios and many miles of cable even offers the opportunity to connect to the rest of the mix and recording studios in the Academy and the concert halls in the building.

The facilities make DIEMs studios capable of handling most projects within music production.