Online lectures on practising, artistic work and motivation

Danish National Academy of Music (SDMK) and The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/ Aalborg (DJM) jointly offer three online lectures on practising, artistic work and motivation. The lectures are for Academy students as well as for students from MGK (high level students at municipal music schools).

With these three online lectures the two Academy’s wish to inspire and instill new energy to the students working at home. Participation is free. The lectures are in English and will be open online at three afternoons Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 April.

Monday 27.4. 4 pm to 5 pm: Kristian Steenstrup, Professor, DJM
About Practicing. How the brain of academy level students works when practicing and learning, potentially giving alternatives to some conventional traditions about how and how much we need to practice and to structure and schedule the day.

Tuesday, 28.4. 4 pm to 5pm: Henrik Goldschmidt, Honorary professor, SDMK
Ideas and inspiration on how we can help each other during this time, characterized by isolation and restrictions in our everyday lives. I do not have a miracle answer to our common challenge, but I create a life for myself that makes sense at the moment. I want to talk about all that can be done to give us an inspiring and motivating everyday life. For there is a way.

Wednesday, 29.4. 4 pm to 5pm: Christian Vuust Associate Professor, DJM
Why should I practice, how should I practice, and what should I practice? These are questions that many musicians ask themselves. Practicing can be a tool for managing your musical development, and thereby for shaping your artistic path. I will present some approaches to practicing, describe ideas for improving practice habits, and talk about motivation and inspiration.

Online links to the three lectures have been sent to all students at the two academies. Also the MGK coordinators in the regions of the two Academies (Jutland and Funen) have  been sent a link.

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