Extended interdisciplinary collaboration between the art schools

The art schools interdisciplinary catalogue

Since 2020, the seven art schools under the Ministry of Culture have published a joint interdisciplinary catalogue, which gives students the opportunity to follow single courses at art schools other than their own, together with students from all the other schools. The courses strengthen the students’ access to interdisciplinary learning opportunities and do not require specific skills.

Now, in the spring semester 2022, a new course has being offered for the first time by all art schools jointly: “Introduction to interdisciplinary work”. The course is offered at master’s level and is a basic introduction to working interdisciplinary.

All other courses have so far been offered by the individual institutions separately. In the spring semester 22, for example, RAMA offers a course in songwriting (without formal musical skills), Rhythmic Music Conservatory offers a course in the cultural history of music notation, and the Academy of Fine Arts offers a course in “Sonic Orientations”, with “active listening” and “Deep listening”. Application deadline for the spring courses is 24 January.

The joint interdisciplinary catalogue is part of the art schools’ collaboration in CAKI, the Knowledge Center for Higher Artistic Education, which works to strengthen the professionalization of the artistic students through entrepreneurship, interdisciplinarity and artistic innovation.

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